• Aliança pelo Impacto tem nova diretoria executiva. Confira comunicado abaixo.
  • Aliança pelo Impacto tem nova diretoria executiva. Confira comunicado abaixo.

Who we are

The Brazilian Alliance for Impact Investment and Impact Businesses identifies, connects and supports strategic action areas and organizations to strengthen the field in Brazil.


To connect our network of relationships to attract investors, entrepreneurs, governments and partners to enable profitable business models that solve social or environmental problems, thus changing the mentality about how to manage society’s resources and needs.


• Content production and support for studies and publications by third parties
• Periodic monitoring and reporting of relevant actions / projects to advance the ecosystem in Brazil
• Monitoring Brazil’s agenda and representation in the global impact investing ecosystem
• Promotion and participation in thematic working groups
• Engagement of key actors with the cause
• Fostering innovative initiatives that advance strategic themes


● The Impact Alliance is one of the stakeholders in the impact investment and impact businesses ecosystem, with the main goal of strengthening this ecosystem;
● Our work process seeks to guarantee legitimacy to build and disseminate a vision of a common future and recommendations for progress for impact investments and impact businesses in Brazil;
● We value representativeness and diversity in the listening, co-creation and development processes that we structure or participate in;
● We guarantee means of participation for any and all social stakeholders interested in our initiatives through open consultation platforms.


Conheça a trajetória da Aliança no ecossistema de Investimentos e Negócios de Impacto.

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